5 reasons to drink more water

5 reasons to drink more water
20. Juni 2018 tapbottle
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If a person drinks no water and is thirsty, the actual cause of death is an internal poisoning or a breakdown of the circulation. If there is an acute fluid shortage, the kidneys can not work and the toxins can no longer be removed. These corporeal poisons then attack all the organs, consequently internal poisoning occurs. On the other hand, it may well be that the circulatory system has already collapsed and a multiorgan failure, myocardial infarction or stroke occurs.

Water and health

Water is essential for a healthy body.

So, the first ground water to drink has just been listed. Even if this happens only with acute fluid deficiency, one can imagine why one should drink more and more regularly. Further reasons to drink regularly and more.

5 reasons to drink more water

  1. Water increases the performance of the immune system.
  2. It softens the skin, makes you look younger and reduces the effects of aging by preventing cell damage.
  3. Water helps the liver, kidneys and the skin to eliminate toxins. It helps the body to detoxify.
  4. It helps against lack of concentration, fatigue, slugginess and headaches.
  5. Water is the main solvent for our foods. It helps to decompose our food, to metabolize its constituents and to absorb them into our cells.

If you do not have these 5 reasons yet, you’ll find 25 more reasons why water is healthy here.


Our intestine can absorb only 200ml of water per 15 minutes. Therefore, prefer to drink more regularly and do not take the recommended 2-3 liters per day at once. If you drink too much and too quickly, the water will be excreted through the kidneys unused. You can find more interesting information and tips on how to drink water here.

Lemon water

Water with lemon. What’s better on a hot day?

Although we have a water body, the human body can not store water. We can not therefore rely on reserves in times of water scarcity. For this reason alone, we should drink regularly – distributed throughout the day.

In this sense, we hope that we could bring you closer to the most important basic living means. Further reports in connection with water, tap water and drinking bottles will follow.

Now get up and fill up a water bottle. Whether it is a tapbottle or not, does not matter. =)

Have a wonderful week and do not forget to drink different. – tapbottle-

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