Why a flat reusable waterbottle? – 3 reasons

Why a flat reusable waterbottle? – 3 reasons
20. Juni 2018 tapbottle
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„A flat reusable water bottle. Sorry, what? Is this a joke? An April Fool? Water bottles are round, were round and should stay around because it has always been so.“

Warum eine flache Wasserflasche? 3 Gründe sich mit einer flachen Trinkflasche anzufreunden. tapbottle® die Flasche der Zukunft. If this was also your first thought, we can calm you down. For many, this is the first thought. One of the most important Russian writers Fyodor Dostoevsky summed it up: „Change is what people fear most.“ And do not worry, we will not condemn you. It is a human protection mechanism to have some respect for change. However, if the healthy respect is too great, this fear of new persons can paralyze and render ineffective. This is, of course, related to the general life and not to the shallow water bottle.


Back to the actual topic. Clear, except for discussion. Round drinking bottles have their advantages. They can be easily gripped with the hand and feel good in the hand. From a technical point of view, a round bottle is easier to manufacture than a flat one. From a physical point of view, a cylindrical bottle is more stable, since in the event of a fall the rounded surface can better dissipate the energy. Well, these are already considerable arguments for round bottles. But hey, we never said that round water bottles are bad. Let us suppose that you will use your bottle for drinking and not throw it as a Frisbee in the area. In addition, we assume that you do not have to worry about the production of the water bottle. Now the horizon of drinking is extended by another option: the option of the flat reusable water bottle.


Laptops, MacBooks, iPads, mobile phones, books, eReaders and bags – all flat. What happens when you put a round bottle in a flat pocket with books and a MacBook? Yes, who does not know? These beautiful bumps are created in the pockets. No sunset. But just – bumps. And the accommodation itself is tedious and does not feel pleasant. This is also the first reason why a flat water bottle makes sense.


Die flache Wasserflasche der Zukunft die perfekt mit der "flachen Elektronik" in die Tasche passt. Wiederverwendbare tapbottle® mit braunem Echtleder Sleeve.


    1. The shape is practical in terms of accommodating in flat pockets. The bottle slips smoothly between books and tablet into the free gap. As just mentioned, everything will be flatter in the future, so the tapbottle fits perfectly into the „digital future“ of flat electronics. Our possibilities for „even flatter“ are unfortunately limited. Unfortunately, we can not influence the water density and honestly we have not before. Shoemaker, stay with your groin. Understood, we do.
    2. We are fully aware that you can argue about taste and style, but have you already reviewed the flat-design tapbottle? It just looks like a design piece. Self-praise stinks, definitely. But what else shall we write as the naked truth? If you find something nice you should stand, basta. Tapbottle® is probably the only water bottle you can put on the table in a restaurant without scornful looks from the waiter. We tried it. Waiter proof!
    3. According to blog title we have promised you a third reason. The third party in the league is actually not a real argument. There are many smaller ones that may make you smile. Or not.
  • The probability of a flat water bottle falling from the table is very small. Since she is not round, she can not roll away.
  • Physics, who would have thought that!Have to write down something on a piece of paper and there was no free back in the vicinity? A flat bottle can be used as a writing pad. Not at all?
  • Notebook or tablet can be held with the flat reusable tapbottle® in one hand. Okay, is certainly also possible with a round bottle, but for this you need bear figurines.
  • A flat drinking jar in your hand feels better than you imagine. Much better. This feeling of keeping something different gives the drink even more pleasure. Try it and you understand what we mean.

Okey, you’re right. This article has now become a little bit of self-promotion. But since you are still reading, we assume that we have not done everything wrong.


Will the world continue to turn without a flat reusable tapbottle®? With 100% safety. We hope so. Now all the bookworms and tablet owners will stick around with a flat bottle. Certainly not. Such a new form brings new impetus into everyday life. Old patterns are questioned. And the inspiration to remember that you should drink enough water daily is reinforced by this design piece. You take the tapbottle gladly in the hand and runs to the next watercocks. Whether you have a flat or round drinking bottle or will buy, is basically unimportant. As long as it is a reusable bottle, we refer to you as rebels, as a change of the world, as benefactors of the environment. And that brings us a lot closer to our vision of „eliminating disposable plastic bottles“. Thanks for that!

As Mahatma Gandhi once said „Be the change you want to see in the world.“
As tapbottle once added, „You’re right Gandhi, do not conform and drink different.“

Your tapbottle® Team

Die etwas andere Flasche. tapbottle® die flache Wasserflasche der Zukunft. Perfekt für Laptop-Besitzer.

Design object – the flat water bottle tapbottle®. More pictures on www.instagram.com/tapbottle


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